Something Completely Different

Is Possible Right Now

We live in hyper-ordinary times.

Yes, we have faced many problems before. But the impacts of bad decisions have never been so powerful, nor so widespread. And decision-making has never been so confused by chaotic and polluted media.

Cultures, as well as the values they were built to protect, are under existential threat - from their decreasing relevance; from their incompatibility with the natural limits of ecosystems; and from their propensity to pick big fights with big weapons.

Understandably, fear is running high.

Many people are doubling down on tribal affiliations - naively hoping they can 'win' the game through might, or cynically giving up and praying for a rapture that will save the chosen few from the game altogether.

That leaves people like you and me: cultural creatives who would rather build emergent possibilities to be together, differently.

People who want to do genuine healing and meaningful connection on Earth, in this lifetime.

In the space between naivety and cynicism, something completely different is possible, right now.

And it brings me joy to share these possibilities with you. Welcome.

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Hi, I'm Michael

I spent a decade studying classical voice with one of Australia's most successful international opera singers, Jon Weaving.

I spent four years running my own practice as a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

I was the highest-performing sales person in a company that we grew from startup stage to being a national service provider with millions in annual revenue.

I was offered a partnership in the business, and turned it down to pursue the wild unknown possibilities that the world most needs.

I am a loving and devoted father of two small children.

I have spent more than a decade participating in and facilitating men's circles and authentic relating spaces.

And I am a Possibility Management trainer, with years of experience in adulthood initiatory processes and feelings work.

My values



I call on your courage to rise. I create safe spaces where you can lean into your fear and do unusual experiments that empower your highest purposes​.



I take a stand for the part of you that knows that something completely different is available right now.



Through feedback and coaching, and by creating learning environments that work, I call forward your own organic clarity.



I create authentic spaces where the joy of deep connection with yourself and others is not only possible, but reliable.



I create opportunities to serve your highest purposes, and listen for opportunities to serve better.

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