Remember that time you went to the supermarket and saw the customers crying with gratitude?

Remember when you went to a cafe and learned to trust and respect women by talking to the waitress?

Or how about that time you caught the train to work, and permanently healed a childhood trauma by looking at your phone?

If you didn't have those experiences, you're not alone.

The spaces where we spend our time and money are mostly ordinary spaces - scripted spaces - where well-worn rules prevent authenticity, connection, deep learning and healing.

But whilst you live in this ordinary culture, you know that extraordinary possibilities exist. They might be rare and well-hidden in the haystack of the modern world, but you see them frequently.

That’s because you create extraordinary and creative spaces - spaces where it's normal for people to have the peak experiences of their lives; where people frequently learn the life skills that build a better world; and where people routinely experience profound and lasting healing.

The world needs more extraordinary results like these.

So, why is it so hard to sell your services?

After all the time and thoughtfulness you have given to your work, why is it so hard to explain what you do in a way that connects with a large audience?

Why are ordinary businesses full, while tumbleweeds are blowing through the unsold spaces in your transformational workshops?

My name is Michael Cann, and I’ve asked myself these questions more often than I can remember.

About nine years ago, I started two part-time jobs in sales and marketing.

One job was in ordinary culture - working for a startup window repair company.

The other job was for myself. As a Feldenkrais practitioner, I wanted to offer people an extraordinary new paradigm for connecting with their bodies and overcoming pain.

My plan was to use the window business to pay the bills while I built my Feldenkrais practice.

Eight years later, I was the highest-performing sales person in a thriving company with 20 full-time staff. My conversion rate was 66%, and I was selling more than a million dollars a year.

That may not be a lot of revenue in the world of sales, but it’s a heck of a lot of window repairs! I was so good at my job I was offered an equity stake in the company.

By contrast, after four years marketing my Feldenrkais business I was only making $25,000 in revenue - not nearly enough to support my family, especially when I was re-investing all of my profit in coaching and training.

I was exhausted and exasperated.

The problem didn't seem to be me - I was clearly very good at sales and marketing.

I knew it wasn’t my product - my students were delighted with the results and came back again and again.

Was it demand? Nope. I was working from Chiropractic clinics that were teeming with people spending good money on a similar value proposition.

I was working hard, being conscientious, and learning fast, but something was badly wrong.

It took me four years of painful mistakes to figure out exactly how marketing an extra-ordinary business compares to marketing an ordinary business.

The truth is, it’s not the same, and it’s not completely different either.

I had been drawing the lines in the wrong places. I expected my business to be ordinary in areas where it was extraordinary, and extraordinary in areas where it was actually ordinary.

Business coach after business coach failed to accurately diagnose the problem or locate the solutions.

The mainstream coaches gave me advice that works for ordinary businesses only.

The alternative ones gave me emotional and spiritual support without actually giving me real and effective strategies and the sharp feedback I needed.

By the time I figured out the mistakes I had made, it was too late. I was burned out and ready for a hard-earned tantrum.

After four years of hard work, I wrote off my adventure as an expensive failure. I closed my Feldenkrais practice overnight and started selling window repairs full-time.

Despite my tantrum, I never forgot what it was like to offer an extraordinary service - to witness the moment where a human being sees possibilities they never saw before; the moment where they and their sense of the world expand permanently.

For years, I licked my wounds and quietly grieved for the lost possibilities; not just for my own work, but for our whole civilisation. If the only choices we can sell are ordinary, what hope do we have for the more beautiful possibilities that are hidden in plain sight?

I kept participating in a variety of initiatory spaces. Spaces where people frequently reported some of the most useful and meaningful experiences of their lives.

And despite the skill and passion of the facilitators, and the impressive results, I kept seeing the the same mistakes I had made years earlier: people attempting ordinary marketing for extraordinary possibilities.

It wasn't working. Not only were the events undersubscribed, but also the people in the room were a predictable crowd of alternative-leaning somatic adventurers. The marketing was not fundamentally expanding the reach of the work into the wider culture.

Then, finally, I woke up. I realised that my years of struggle and failure had brought a clarity that could serve others.

I coached a friend who was marketing a nature connection camp. The camp sold out all 120 tickets plus a waiting list within hours.

I coached some other friends who were running a weekend anger workshop. The previous workshop had sold 8 tickets. This time, the workshop sold out a week before the event, with 16 participants and three on the waiting list despite increasing the ticket price by more than $100.

So, here I am, with an invitation for you.

If you are curious to explore real strategies for selling extraordinary services, you can join my mailing list right now.

If you choose to join, I will send you information about my hard-earned mistakes that might save you from burnout; as well as tips for how to explain your extraordinary work, connect with your audience, and get people through the door.

Plus, my readers get invitations to Zoom calls where we talk through common problems and solutions for marketing extraordinary offers.

And, for good measure, I’ll send you invitations to free authentic relating game nights (held online), rage clubs and other extraordinary things I do. Because I love them. And because life is too short to make it ordinary :)

Seriously folks, the world needs your extraordinary possibilities. Don't waste years in confusion like I did. Sign up below to learn from my mistakes.


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