Michael Cann before and after posture

Michael Cann

Posture & Voice Coach

You know what it's like to look in the bathroom mirror and just let go? To release all that effort?

All the sucking-of-your-tummy. All the pulling-of-your-shoulders. All the bracing-of-your-core. All the tucking-of-your-chin.

For a brief moment, you see your raw and honest posture: the posture that you return to when your mind is on other things or when you are not trying to look good.

And then, a minute later, you put on your 'posture suit', and step out into the world, carrying all that effort with you.

What would it be like to unfold your body to its natural, most-expanded state, and to be able to hang out there effortlessly?

It is possible.

Here's a video of me doing both. On the left, you see me putting on my 'posture suit'. On the right, you see me seamlessly unfolding my body in the way I teach people today.

By the end of these routines, both postures might look 'improved'. But appearances can be deceiving.

Posture has to be evaluated on its function, not on its form.

In the next video, I demonstrate spinal wave movements from both of these postures. You can see clearly how much more mobile my torso is when I unfold my body properly instead of 'putting on the posture suit'.

It's time to put away the second-rate posture suit, and learn to unfold your body.

Everything you've heard about the benefits of better posture is true.

Your inner state, your outward engagement, and your physical function are all dramatically affected by posture.

Here's a video that shows me giving a friendly wave to the camera from my old posture and my new posture.

Which person would you rather connect with?

Life isn't only about being friendly. Sometimes you want to be assertive. Sometimes you want to be taken seriously.

Here's a video that contrasts me being serious from my old posture compared to my new posture.

Which person would you take more seriously?

And what if you wanted to be more expressive? To show your feelings in a way that is more authentic, and more clearly legible to people around you?

In the following video, I give you a clear example by expressing high-intensity anger in my old and new postures.

Which person is clearer and stronger? Which person seems more in command of his feelings?

Posture is more than a body position.

It's about unfolding your body so you can show up in life with full spectrum humanity.


Better movement

Optimise your physical function for more enjoyment, greater skill, and clearer benefits from movement and exercise.


Better connection

Give social signals that others can more easily read and engage with. Be more approachable, more commanding, more assertive, more serious, more attractive - whatever fits your life circumstances at the time.


Improved confidence

Changing your posture changes the way you feel. You breathe more easily. Your voice is stronger and clearer. You feel more physically competent. You let go of unhelpful stories about your body. And you appreciate your body in a new way.

Ready to unfold?

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