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Movement, Posture and Voice Coaching

Feldenkrais Method

You have your own unique history with movement.

The things you've been good at and the things you haven't.

The things that gave you pleasure and the things that caused you pain.

The joys of getting better at stuff and the frustration of losing skills you once had.

The way you move, stand, and breathe has always been part of that history, silently but pervasively colouring your every life experience - for better and for worse.

And you're here today because life has thrown you a challenge that demands you find new possibilities.

Perhaps it's an injury, illness, or surgery. Perhaps it's ageing.

Or perhaps you want something new in your life, and your old 'normal' just isn't going to get you there.

How do you find new possibilities when you've been practising the same movements and postures for years?

How do you re-learn to move as an adult, when most of your learning happened before you were two years old?

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