My Purpose

Our civilisation leans heavily on two kinds of games.

There are the win-lose games that dominate politics and many relationships. 

And there are the win-win games that dominate business and economics.

Both types of games can be alluring and addictive - even fun. 

But both games unavoidably destroy natural and social capital, leaving the world and our community in a worse position than when the games started.

That's because even win-win games are usually exploiting people and environments who are not playing the game.

The win-win games that we so often celebrate would more accurately be called win-win-lose games.

I want to have a world worth living in and a community worth living with. For that we need to create, learn and play another kind of game - a game I call Winning Happening.

Winning Happening games happen when you find your true authentic voice, and bring your brightest values to the world.


My values

Encouragement - I call on your courage to rise. I create safe spaces where you can lean into your fear and do unusual experiments that empower your highest purposes

Possibility - I take a stand for the part of you that knows that something completely different is available right now

Clarity - Through feedback and coaching, and by creating learning environments that work, I call forward your own organic clarity

Connection - I create authentic spaces where the joy of deep connection with yourself and others is not only possible, but reliable

Service - I create opportunities to serve you, and listen for opportunities to serve better  


My Experience

My life so far has been an eclectic and creative mix. 

I spent a decade studying classical voice with one of Australia's most successful international opera singers, Jon Weaving.

I spent four years running my own practice as a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. 

I have been the highest-performing sales person in a company that we took from startup stage to being a national service provider with millions in annual revenue.

I was offered a partnership in the business, and turned it down to pursue the wild unknown possibilities that the world most needs.  

I am a loving and devoted father of two small children.

I have spent more than a decade participating in and facilitating men's circles and authentic relating spaces.   

And I am a Possibility Management trainer, with years of experience in adulthood initiatory processes and feelings work.