Intensity the board game hosted by Michael Cann


Intensity is a team sport where everyone is on the same team.
Through appreciation, story-telling, deep listening and feedback we help our team mates to bring their highest values and deepest purposes to life.  
The objective of Intensity is to create a deeper and more authentic level of being with each other, and to get to know yourself in a new light. Each player is actively participating at the same time, whether as a speaker, as a listener, as a detector, or as a feedback giver. There are no losers in this game, only winners, because Intensity is about using the group intelligence, and about learning and growing together in a playful way.
Intensity establishes a space in which you may be moved by other people's sharing and have feelings. Anger, sadness, fear, and joy could possibly arise. This is part of the game. 
You are invited to trust the process and to share in creating a safe space for others to express their feelings fully.
Intensity is inspired by Possibility Management. No experience with Possibility Management is necessary.


Game is for maximum 6 players (5 plus me), minimum age 15 years. Duration is 2.5 hours. Please allow half an hour of quiet integration time after the game at a minimum. 
For information from the game creator, or to purchase a copy for yourself, click here.
During the pandemic, games are hosted on Zoom. A zoom link will be sent to all who have put in an RSVP. 

There is no cost to play. 

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