Political Centering

Image by Spenser


Political Centering is a Winning Happening adventure into the normally-divisive world of politics. 

After suspending cynicism and manipulation, we use deep listening, authentic expression, clear distinctions and supportive feedback to bring everyone closer to their highest purposes.

Instead of aiming to win an argument, we work together to build connection, train worthy adversaries, and discover the arguments that are worth having.


Behind every political conflict lie our best impulses towards the world. 

Behind our win-lose fighting lies the potential for mutual growth and empowerment.   

To fear this game is natural. It is a good sign that something interesting can happen.

Political Centering creates a context where anger, sadness, fear and joy will arise. This is part of the game. 
You are invited to trust the process and to share in creating a safe space for others to express their feelings fully.



Game is for maximum 6 players (5 plus me), minimum age 15 years. Duration is 2.5 hours. Please allow at least half an hour of quiet integration time after the game. 
Games are hosted on Zoom. A zoom link will be sent after registration.

All participants will refer to the same website of supportive materials during the game. A link will be sent after registration.  

There is no cost to play. 

Next Date: TBC