Michael Cann Possibility Management Coach

Voice Coaching

Most voice coaching exists for singers and actors to improve their performance. 

Some voice coaching is provided by speech pathologists and other medical practitioners to treat diagnosed conditions. 

My voice coaching is different. It's for humans to be... well... human. 

The goal?

  • Enjoy your voice more
  • Enhance your recovery from voice injury, dysphonia, strain and hoarseness 
  • Connect better with other humans, personally and professionally
  • Find the full, authentic, powerful sound of your own voice
  • Make yourself heard when it counts
  • Increase confidence, authority and centeredness when speaking
  • Ask for what you need and want
  • Say the things that matter
  • Speak with clearer feeling

Your voice is so much more than a mechanical process. It is social. It is emotional. It is meaningful. It is personal. 

To support you, I bring more than a decade of intensive classical voice training with some of Australia's most prominent teachers, years of practice as a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, my personal experience of recovering from voice injury, and my experience as a Possibility Management trainer. 

My voice coaching covers the spectrum of technical, emotional, and mental factors that influence your voice. 

How would life be different if you could say what matters, with confidence, clarity, resilience and pleasure?

When I was struggling with my voice, it was a shock to discover how difficult things could be. I avoided conversations, I feared for my job, and I couldn't sing to my kids the way I wanted to. After a lifetime of having the most confident voice in the room, I really felt the difference. 

I had to go back and re-learn so much of what I had taken for granted. 

Now I'm grateful that this experience gave me a way to serve others. I couldn't coach people the way I can now if I had not had to fix these problems for myself.

If you're curious about how this might go, drop me a line and I'll be happy to have a conversation about it.

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